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After having used the decks of parisian squats and scoured the clubs of the city with is first techno-collective BPMOOD, Wakhan hits on the universe of Ethno - Tribal music and gets on fire !



For several years now, the french Poducer and DJ has introduced us into mystical mixing vibes from Asia & Africa where oscillating basses and tangy textures invite the traveler into a deep and savage journey.

In 2018 Wakhan founded his second collective and record label O'Tawa in order to develop a still unknown scene to the parisian public by proposing immersive events at secret underground locations in the heart of Paris town and suburbs.

Breaking the codes he's being notices beyond the french borders with appearances in Ukraine, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Austria & Canada.

He made you lately dance at :

Ozora Festival (HUN)

Hadra Festival

Son Libre Festival

Wao Festival (IT)

Château Perché Festival

Isis Garden Festival

Kamiwaza Festival

Marvellous Festival

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