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Tapis Bedoin
Tapis Bedoin

Matibhrama is a duo made up of Fabien and Pierre.

The musical project is born from the fusion of tribal sounds, world music and electronic production stemming from psychedelic trance.
Matibhrama creates a dynamic and spellbinding musical universe 
comprised of psychedelic melodies, ethnic grooves and shamanic chanting. The blending of different live instruments like acoustic and electric guitar as well as more traditional instruments like the didgeridoo, the tambour and various flutes (bansuri, quena, overtone), combined with the electronic sounds of synthesizers, will transport you to the depths of their powerful musical realm. 
Matibhrama draws its inspiration from combined ancestral, traditional and contemporary music; seeking out new musical winds, their multicultural immersion has given light to a unique genre.

Originally from France, Matibhrama is always looking for new musical breaths throughout the world. Travelling and learning from other cultures is a fundamental aspect in their artistic development. Traditional songs, ancient instruments, new technique; the duo translates its experience into music.


Sharing 12 years on stage, Matibhrama signs to the Oreades Productions record label (France) in 2012 and joined BMSS records (Germany) in 2015. From Universo Parallelo (Brazil) to Fusion Festival (Germany), PSY-FI (Netherlands), Freqs of nature Festival (Germany), Atman Festival (Srilanka) Time less Festival (Canada), Sun Festival (Hungary), Son Libre (France), Transition Festival (Spain), Imagineria Festival (Italy), Terra Em trance Festival (Brazil)... and many other European and South American stages, Matibhrama offers an imaginative live show that carries you around the world in a collective music experience.

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