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Where I made you dance lately

Isis Garden Festival (FR)
Kamiwaza Festival (FR)
Wonderfruit Festival (TH)
3000Grad Festival (DE)


AmuAmu serves you energetic and vibrant musical trips.


Lyrical and edgy adventures for the dancefloors.

You could call him a hot newcomer or an experienced producer.
Both is right.

His first release as AmuAmu on Lump Records is just from
2017. Releases on Sonido Tropico, Cosmic Awakenings, Random
Collective, Leveldva and Shango followed.

In addition to his outstanding releases he has made a name for
himself as a unique and creative remixer.
The all-determining creativity is also reflected in his DJ Sets and Podcasts.

Thats why he became a respected and well known member in the international

downtempo scene with bookings around Europe, Asia, and South America.


No boarders, no restrictions, just dance.



Divinité sombre
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