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Producer and DJ, resident in Paris, Samarana draws her influence from around the world and the diversity of her musical styles. Particularly attracted by the mixture between downtempo, slowhouse and Latin American and African influences, she combines in her productions and her DJ sets, strength and delicacy, delivering a refined music with an effective groove.


Samarana, French producer and DJ, is in a constant research of new rhythms and inspirations. Her  music is a display of down-tempo / slowhouse multicultural music, inspired by a traveling lifestyle and takes us through her productions and Dj sets, through another time and space level, transcending cultures and musical influences.


Major Releases:

Buddha Bar (Paris): Shajni, Gaya, Hantun, Ueda. 

Tropical Twista Records (Sao Paulo): EP "Rina Karuta", Manae, Sahalé & Samarana- Ntaolo 

Cosmic Awakening (Miami): Woman Voices- Cuentan Y Cantan 

Deep Bali Records (Bali): Kali, EP “Yomi” (2021)

Curuba Records (Paris): Conakry 

Kybele Records (Berlin):

Álvaro Suárez-Steps Adrift (Samarana Remix),

Omerar Nanda-Huma Kusu (Samarana Remix) 


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