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Passionate about travel, traditional, ancestral and indigenous cultures, Kaöb is inspired by his encounters and experiences around the world to shape his musical identity.


He lived in Ireland, Mexico DF, São Paulo, Paris and in Asia between the ages of 19 and 27 and visited more than thirty other countries that led him to open up to World music.


Fusion of electronic and organic sounds, tribal songs and traditional ethnic instruments from the world, his music vibrates with African, South American, Asian and shamanic influences, as well in Downtempo, as in Deep and Progressive. DJ since 2017, he has played in many countries such as France, Ukraine, Latvia, Belgium, Germany, Spain (Ibiza and Palma), Canada, Italy, Switzerland and Panama, both in clubs, festivals and private villas and natural or underground places (squats, car parks, tunnels, warehouses, forests, etc.).


Composer for 12 years, under the name of Arno Brak with whom he released 25 songs on 6 labels, he evolves in 2017 and adopts its new artist name: Kaöb, and releases around forty music on labels such as Casa Caos, Baikal Nomads, Mousiké, Akasha Mx, Cosmic Awakening, Monada, Kosa, Curuba, Deep Bazar, Camel Riders, Shango Records, Something Slow, ,.. as well as on O'Tawa Records.


Co-founder, resident artist of O'Tawa, Kaöb is involved in this same universe in order to bring together the community on a multi-cultural and spiritual sensory journey.


He will also launch his 1st Guru O’m Baya festival very soon, with the O’Tawa collective, at Panama, scheduled for the end of January 2023.

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